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A friend of mine and Obama die-hard, Mike splits from Blogger over the flagging issue. Getting my Blogger account locked means that to-this-date I still cannot post on my Blogger blog (locked 6/25). So, Mike is mistaken when he notes that it doesn’t stop us from posting. In this case, a bunch of us were targeted, Mike sees that, and though he and I don’t see eye to eye on the presidential race, I appreciate his taking a stand on this.  When you get a new blog up Mike, let me know.

In the meantime, Uppity continues her update of locked blogs and their new locations. 

More blogs that were hit:

Update: Red Queen posts at The Hillary 1000 on Male Privilege, Cyberstalking and the Election

A little while back, Feministe reported on an awesome Latina teacher in LA who got fired for teaching her mostly minority students about their own histories instead of the regurgitated white bread crap that has been forced down most of our throats. We can’t have that. OMG, POC finding out that their entire history is not one of mere oppression/subjugation! If they learn the histories of successful movements against the oppressors, they might get ideas! They might not be willing to accept the lives of poverty that we have planned for them. Shut that teacher up before she undoes centuries of patriarchal brain washing by letting students read about Malcolm X.

And the same principle applies to women. Shut those uppity bitches up before other women (and sympathetic men) catch on and ruin it for all of us. That’s why the hopium smokers keep trolling Hillary blogs. Hillary reminded us that there is still a lot of fighting to be done. And she woke up a giant community of women who are tired of being quiet for the good of the party. Hillary may have suspended her campaign, but the spirit of possibility and the drive to create something better has been awakened in many of us. And for those of us who have never been quiet, we now have much larger audiences of willing and enthusiastic listeners. That is what the trolls fear most. That people will hear us and agree.

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  1. I read the wordpress terms of service and while they still have the natural limits recognized everywhere
    they do NOT go about disabling people’s blogs in the way that’s happened with……what was that host’s name again??? Oh…Blogger, that’s right.

    I added a correction, noting you still can’t post at that other place.

    WordPress blog’s look like a perfect place for me to post my notes for my writing project. It’s called
    “atiasrama”. I’m going to keep that very low profile
    and not advertise it or promote it. It won’t be about anything political.

    Am very sorry people abused this process and threw cold water on your right to freely express yourselves.

    I hope people don’t put this on Obama. Remember what happened in Michigan, at the Gore event.
    When Gov. Granholm mentioned Sen. Clinton, people booed. Obama came out and said he heard all that
    back stage and that he didn’t appreciate it. And, then, he heard someone up in the bleachers, to his left, say something and with eyes flashing and obvious anger he said: “Yeah, I’m talking to you up there” (pointing at them).


  2. Mike J.-

    While Obama may not be orchestrating the blog shut outs (or the stalking, harassment and trolling) the misogynist tone of his campaign has created the environment where this kind of behavior is not just accepted but encouraged.

    That is why his dog whistle sexism is a real problem. It’s not just about a bunch of us ladies getting our panties in a bunch. It’s about creating an environment where shutting up dissenters is more important than democracy.


  3. I am a conservative. While you and I would disagree on many, many issues, I find it appalling that Google is so cowardly and manipulative as to shut down your blog. This is very revealing. What other information are they manipulating? What access are they blocking? At what point do OUR views have to meet THEIR approval.

    I urge you to contact all of the networks. ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX are all in direct competition with Google and would love the opportunity to expose their methods.

    This is worth the effort.


  4. Thanks Ken. What is very frustrating is that I’ve been on Blogger for three years. You would think that they’d have someithing in their system that would give bloggers the benefit of the doubt, not the other way around.


  5. (A) neocon here ….. Google IS scum. Living in a Gew-guh free world is easy. Never searching/using, or even entering the platfrom, ever.

    Over the course of the couple of years I have been on Blogger/Blogspot, my Google overlords have ACTIVELY


  6. Continuation:

    edited my site. Changing the default on a couple of inbound links, into/to a blank white page. One post on the Koran, and another on Tookie Williams.

    After about a year, the links again became active. Who needs a global Islamic caliphate when we have Google?

    Be afraid. Be very f*cking afraid.


  7. Bucks Right – I’ve been trying to post this on your blog but keep getting an error. In answer to your post:

    It isn’t the “liberals” that are trying to shut us down. True liberals (and true conservatives, I may add) aren’t afraid of dissent. Nope, this is all on Obama’s brownshirts…and they aren’t liberal by any stretch of the imagination. Anyone who is afraid to have their ideas (and chosen candidates) compete openly and honestly haven’t got much to stand on, now do they?


  8. True liberals (and true conservatives, I may add) aren’t afraid of dissent. Nope, this is all on Obama’s brownshirts…and they aren’t liberal by any stretch of the imagination.

    Viva Blue Lyon! This is ridiculous.


  9. bluelyon,

    Thanks for the heads up on the error message.

    I know in this case “liberal” is a broad brush. All liberals are not the liberal fascists that are doing this kind of thing. Maybe I should start using the term “leftist” or “socialist” in this context.

    I know this entire issue has turned Conservatives and Hillary Supporters into strange bedfellows. When you turn on the radio and hear Rush and Sean Hannity defending Hillary, you know something big is happening.

    You PUMA / JustSayNoDeal folks are being given a quick and painful lesson about what it’s been like being a conservative under the rule of the mainstream media. If your views don’t fit their template, your views are dismissed, lied about and made the object of derision. As soon as the media decided Barry Hussein was their golden boy, you guys were treated as freaks and crybabies for having a different opinion.

    We probably disagree on about 90% of things, but the power we can create on the 1 thing we agree on – allowing BHO to be elected would probably be the single most damaging thing to happen to this country since reconstruction – will be something to behold.

    I hope you continue to grow your movement, because we’re going to need to stick together to keep this crooked Chicago slimeball Soros puppet out of the White House.


  10. When you turn on the radio and hear Rush and Sean Hannity defending Hillary, you know something big is happening.

    For many of us it was noting the FOX news was the treating the candidates equally! Heads exploding all over the place!

    I wouldn’t even call him a Soros puppet. To me Barack Obama is only about One Thing . . . and that is Barack Obama. Have no doubt, if it was expedient, Soros would go under the bus with the rest of us.


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