Walking and Chewing Bubble Gum

This editorial’s conclusion in the WSJ made me sigh:

Mr. Obama will take office with an enormous amount of goodwill, but good feeling alone won’t bring lending and risk-taking back to the economy. Americans are waiting to see if their President-elect is going to be the class warrior he sometimes was in the campaign, or push a pro-growth agenda that can get cash off the sidelines and moderate the recession.

What the conservatives don’t seem to get, is that it is possible to be a “class warrior” and push a “pro-growth agenda.” The two are not mutually exclusive (see The New Deal). I am in “watch and wait” mode myself, but do not fear a populist agenda and would cheer it!  Much will be telegraphed to us by Obama’s cabinet selections. We’ve got serious problems in this country, and they won’t be solved by one side screaming “Class Warfare” every time the policy doesn’t match their deregulatory delusions.

My sincere “hope” is that Obama doesn’t listen to the Timid Triangulators (Anglachel).  I’m with Paul Krugman:

Right now, many commentators are urging Mr. Obama to think small. Some make the case on political grounds: America, they say, is still a conservative country, and voters will punish Democrats if they move to the left. Others say that the financial and economic crisis leaves no room for action on, say, health care reform.

Let’s hope that Mr. Obama has the good sense to ignore this advice.

I also hope he ignores Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who are echoing the same sentiments. If change is indeed what this country voted for, and it’s my firm belief they did, then let’s roll our sleeves up and do it. Let’s start with Health Care and Infrastructure. Strike now, while the iron is hot, and let’s just get Single Payer done (Medicare for All). Fight for it Barack and I’ll have your back every inch of the way. It’s been my burning passion since I was twelve, and we’ve just got to get rid of employer provided health insurance. It’s a burden on the employer and an burden on the employee. And let’s put people back to work.

I think the National Service program is a nice idea, but our pressing needs are jobs, health care and Iraq. Let’s not skitter of in twelve different directions. Oh, and can we please bring back respect for science?

I’m in the same position as my friend who said to me the other night that she is hanging all her hopes on Obama doing the right thing. She, like me, opposed his election. But here we are. He is our next President. We’ve got a greater Democratic majority in the House than the Republicans ever did when they were shoving their ideology down our throats. It’s time to do some major housekeeping and get some good stuff done for the people of this country.

I don’t want Obama to fail.

7 thoughts on “Walking and Chewing Bubble Gum

  1. I agree infrastructure, healthcare and Iraq.
    I’m also really into finding sensible ways to go green.
    I’m a Puma and am in ‘watch and see’ mode as well.
    I’m hoping for big time diplomacy in Iraq so we can bring home the troops asap.
    I think healthcare could be tackled by:
    1) No pre-existing.
    2) Finding the most effective medicines for common ailments and then bulk purchasing.
    3) Incentives to grow fresh healthy food.
    I think a green revolution that avoids “food for fuel’ and high energy prices will set into motion something fabulous.
    Infrastructure, it may put us further into debt but it will stimulate the ecconomy and at least we will be able to see what we get.
    I really do not like Obama but unfortunately I have to root for his success. As far as I’m concerned any success he has will belong to ‘us’ the people, he can just sign on the dotted line. At least we know he will sign as opposed to Bush who would veto.


  2. Agree with you on the “no pre-existing” however, while growing (and eating) healthy foods and buying drugs in bulk are good things, I doubt they will have any impact on the health care crisis in this country which is: too many uninsured, too many UNDER-insured, sky high premiums (just got notified that our work based premiums are going up 10% next year), and the ability of insurance companies to deny coverage based on gawd knows what, and finally, even if you do have insurance: the ridiculous “in-network / out of network” nonsense, and spotty coverage at best. Having to cross one’s fingers each time one has to go see a doctor, even if insured, is insane.

    In addition to making it illegal for insurance companies to discriminate on the basis of “pre-existing” conditions, premiums cannot be like auto premiums. They must be standardized across the board.


  3. They should be standardized and also should include maternity. Yes there is alot to do. They need to tell health insurance companies if America is so tough go do business in France. That may shup them up long enough to type out a fair proposal for the people.


  4. Please. Obama’s adviser on health care is the guy who killed Hillary’s healthcare plan because it didn’t kowtow enough to insurance companies. And remember Obama bragging about how they “fixed” healthcare in Illinois to make it more insurance-company-friendly? That was his big f’ing accomplishment there.

    And the “national service” plan is hardly a “nice” idea. It’s a draft if you read the details of what he and his buddy Rahm Emanuel (whose brainchild it is) have in store.

    He’s lied, backtracked, and reversed himself on EVERY.SINGLE. PROMISE. he’s ever made…why do you think he’ll act differently now that he’s won?


  5. Frankly, I don’t think he will. Go read my other post I want to be wrong.

    I want to be wrong. I just don’t think I will be. These sorts of posts are my usual “feet to the fire” stuff I’ve been doing all election cycle and been told that I have an “irrational” hatred of Obama. I don’t. I just see who he is. Or at least, who his records seems to indicate he is.

    He, of course, could prove me entirely wrong. Note: I am not holding my breath.


  6. I’m not holding my breath, either. He has absolutely no record of ever accomplishing anything. His many debates with Hillary just proved to me that he doesn’t even have a deep understanding of the problems, so how in the hell is he going to fix what he doesn’t understand? And his demagoguing on Universal Health Care just tells me that it probably won’t get better. I’m hoping that congress will just ignore him and go for the medicare for all. They’ve actually been working on just such a bill for a long time. They need to just do it and cram it down Obama’s throat. They insisted we elecyt him, even pulling all the strings to fraudulently make it happen. So they had damn well better control him.


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