Dear Planned Parenthood

For crying out loud!

I’ve never been a Republican, and I can’t believe that I am coming to their defense, but the stripping of Family Planning funds from the stimulus bill is not their fault. Oh sure, a few of them are whining and trying to score cheap shots on the backs of poor women.  It’s what they do.

The truth is, Obama doesn’t need them to pass this bill. It doesn’t require a veto proof majority and the Democrats most certainly have a filibuster proof majority in the Senate as moderate Republicans will not oppose this bill.

The blame for stripping the Family Planning funds belongs squarely at the feet of our current President who requested that it be taken out of the bill and the spineless Democratic majority who will not stand up to him or to the congressional Republicans who are in the minority.  

When you acknowledge THAT, I might consider calling the White House.


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Update: Historiann has an update.

UPDATE, this evening:  And, Obama won precisely ZERO votes for his efforts!  I thought it was a good move to go talk to the Republicans–truly I did, until I saw the “concessions” he made, concessions whose price would be paid by women, who were only a tiny minority of the people involved in the process.  (Charlie Brown, meet Lucy.  She’ll never let you kick the ball.  That is, if you ever cared about kicking the ball in the first place.)

One thought on “Dear Planned Parenthood

  1. He’s a snake in the grass for women’s issues. And the blame goes to Republicans and the Democratic leadership. Amazing.


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