Playing into her hand


When will the grown-ups be in charge?

DCDave comments:

Great more of the junior high school theatrics we have grown to expect out of the Obama White House. I guess the President has given up on being the President of all of the people and is now just focusing on teenage swing voters because most Americans want solutions to problems not cheap zingers.

Its this kind of sophmoric pettyness that is going to get us Dems killed in the midterms.

Fucking idiots.


We like to make fun of government in this country, but really, what are you and a few of your buddies going to do to fight JPMorgan Chase on your own? For all of our beloved rugged individualism (and our individual right to handguns), it doesn’t do much good when you’re up against your credit card issuer. 

Or your insurance company, or your utility company, or your employer making you work off the clock, or …

(H/T lambert)

Outta Our Way! There’s money to be made here!

Am I the only one who finds this unseemly?

As Haiti begins digging out from under 60 million cubic meters of earthquake wreckage, U.S. firms have begun jockeying for a bonanza of cleanup work.

It’s unclear at this point who will be awarding the cleanup contracts, but there is big money to be made in the rubble of some 225,000 collapsed homes and at least 25,000 government and office buildings.

At least two politically connected U.S. firms have enlisted powerful local allies in Haiti to help compete for the high-stakes business.

Whaddya want to guess that they’ll get tax breaks for it too.