ID theft protector gets taken to the cleaners

This is funny. Not really. On second thought, yeah, it is. Is that a toilet I hear flushing?


LifeLock CEO’s Identity Stolen 13 Times

Wowzer. But it gets better.

The company was fined $12 million in March by the Federal Trade Commission for deceptive advertising.

Lifelock promised in ads that its $10 monthly service would protect consumers from identity theft. The company also offered a $1 million guarantee to compensate customers for losses incurred if they became a victim after signing up for the service. The FTC called the claims bogus and accused LifeLock of operating a scam.

“In truth, the protection they provided left such a large hole … that you could drive that truck through it,” said FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz, referring to a LifeLock TV ad showing a truck painted with Davis’s Social Security number driving around city streets.

Davis’ history as an identity-theft victim would seem to call into question the company’s ability to protect consumers from a similar fate.

Yeah. Pretty much.

6 thoughts on “ID theft protector gets taken to the cleaners

  1. Yeah, and no telling how many fake drivers licenses exist under the guy’s name–since he provides everything one needs to obtain one in several states.


  2. The best punishment for identity theft would be to make the thief assume their victim’s debts — credit card debt, mortgage, college loans, etc. — and make them pay it all off. I mean, if someone wants your identity, they should have to take all of it, right?


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