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Some links for your perusal.

Go read Maven’s front page. Lots of good stuff over there, especially her stuff on this season’s campaign spending.

The GOP/TeaParty fueled campaigns have taken what Democrats merely hinted at as a strategy in 2008 and ramped it up to an artform – using front groups with only a passing connection to actual voters to take over our electoral system.

Laura Flanders

In this election, poor people will vote on rich candidates covered by even richer corporate media. Bloated on a diet of billions of dollars of anonymous campaign ads, money media are nothing but happy.  What would Tom Paine say?

I love the graphic at this Mother Jones article. And yet to read the news, you’d think that the unions were running amok in D.C.

When I go to Disneyland I know it’s make-believe.   Too bad so many in the Tea Party don’t.

David Horsey: “Real” Americans” are not Tea Party priority

But real American jobs seem not to be of genuine concern to the Tea Party folks – or at least to those who are their favored candidates and spokesmen. The public statements and private musings of Rand Paul, Sarah Palin, Sharron Angle, Joe Miller, Christine O’Donnell, Jim DeMint, Glenn Beck and their cohort reveal their true priority. And that is to turn back the clock to a time before Medicare, Social Security, environmental safeguards, unemployment insurance, the Securities and Exchange Commission, civil rights laws, consumer protection and any other government function or agency that seeks to protect the average American from the vicissitudes of the market economy and the depredations of powerful corporate interests.

In the imaginations of these libertarian purists, life was lovely in this republic before progressives like Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson began meddling with the system and set America on the long, dark trudge to Barack Obama’s totalitarian socialist rule.

Yes, what a glorious time it was back then, before government started setting some rules. The free market picked the winners – oil companies, railroads, mining companies, sweat shop owners, polluters, timber barons, plantation owners, the meat packing industry – and the losers – child laborers, mine workers, mill workers, sharecroppers, people sickened by degraded air, water and land, as well as by tainted food. Greed and exploitation ruled a Gilded Age where the income gap between the industrialists in their sprawling mansions and the workers in their tenements was wide. Considering the current compensation gap between Wall Street billionaires and middle class folks whose incomes have stagnated for two decades, a return to that happy 19th century utopia seems well under way. The Tea Party crowd should be delighted.