Obama needs to read “Codependent No More”

I think I still have my copy.

Seriously, this shit is getting out of hand.

Obama tells Republicans he should have worked more with them

3 thoughts on “Obama needs to read “Codependent No More”

  1. FWIW…either Barry is a master manipulated Sock Puppet/Shadow Dance or he is a psychologically misguided victim of his upbringing. After two full years, a long time on that stage with many, many obvious decisions to scrutinize, he continues to bleat some sheepish idea…er, lemming idea, that the cliff is not eminent, he only means to preserve the freedom and democracy path upon which he leads us all and that all those wolves he has been tossing chunks of the population to only mean well.

    Rahm the duplicitous traitor’s words echo loudly…”fuck ’em, where are they gonna go?”. So, if that is truly the pov of the ‘inner sanctum’, WETHEPEOPLE either continue doing the same thing over and over again or we seek out and participate in some yet unidentified effort to overtly and strongly buck ‘their’ system. If it requires 25 years, so be it. If it requires letting the SCOTUS corrode further into it’s own scurrilous infamy, so be it.

    I, for one, find my self image under constant need for qualification regarding the mercurial order of events and situations being orchestrated from these so called centers of power. I AM SICK OF THAT!

    For so large a group of American citizens to be constantly exclaiming, “I’m so glad I found you and your point of view because I thought I was the only one and truly worried I might be loosing my mind”…is just fucking off the charts WRONG!!

    Sigh…glad I found ya BlueLyon et al.


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