Ya know, I used to think Mark Amodei was a nice guy. Boy, was I wrong. Since he’s been in Congress, he’s been lock-step with the radical wing of the Republican party. Really sad to see. Was he always like this? His record in the Nevada legislature would not have indicated so.

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Amodei 2Nevada Representatives Mark Amodei (R-NV2) and Joe Heck (R-NV3) voted against the Supplemental Appropriations bill containing relief for victims of Super Storm Sandy.  [roll call 23]  There are a couple of boilerplate GOP talking points which underpin opposition to the supplemental funding bill.  There’s the “It’s full of pork,” argument.  Pork baloney.  It’s often handy to remember that one man’s pork can easily be another man’s economic development idea, and secondly — when haven’t supplemental spending bills contained several disparate funding authorizations?  That’s what supplemental bills are — bills to provide funding for items previously unbudgeted — like, say, the cost of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan during the Bush Administration?

There’s the “let’s take our time, some of the provisions don’t kick in for two years, so what’s the rush?” argument.  Containing therein an equal measure of pork baloney.  Unlike the ATM the…

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