Diving into the Bowels of Junk Science

My first clue that something is amiss was when my class took their opening assessments in September. The results were all over the place. My weakest readers ranked near the top of the class and some readers reading levels were way too high, or too low. The data just didn’t match what I saw in my classroom.

And it gets worse. What a tangled mess!

Did you notice that a SGP score would be generated for each student and compared with those of their peers, whoever they may be. In order to be deemed effective, my students must on average beat 40% of their peers who are also showing growth. I guess that’s where the race aspect of education deform comes in.

[ . . . ]

Stars sets, by default, 40% as the benchmark for growth. That means a student must score in the top 60% of his peers in order to show growth. Keep in mind that means the entire group has grown and only the top 60% of those who have grown have actually demonstrated growth!   Seems absurd doesn’t it.

Jebus. This reminds me of the bonus structure I was given when I was a restaurant manager.

One thought on “Uh-oh

  1. Well, welcome to Lake Wobegon! All the children above average, eh? Too bad we can’t say that about our govt. and school administrators!!


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