Blog History & Comments Policy

Blog History

This blog began its life in 2005 at Blogger  as BlueLyon and moved to WordPress in June of 2008. In transferring content over from Blogger, many posts didn’t make it over in their original format. For a better look, check out the BlueLyon archives at Blogger.

Comments Policy

The Constitution guarantees that the government cannot censor your speech. I am not the government.  I consider this blog to be my space, and just as I would not allow anyone to come into my home and disrespect my guests or pee all over the floor, I reserve the right to edit or delete comments that are abusive, off-topic or spam. Either you wish to engage or you don’t. You choose.

Moderation: First-time commenters will automatically go into moderation, (as will all comments with 3 or more hyperlinks). Once your comment has been approved further comments will not require approval. Note: I have a M-F full-time job and may not always get to moderated comments as quickly as I would like, so be patient. Finally, the spam filter just snags comments, even from regular commenters. I do my best to keep up on that too, bear with me if it takes a day or two before I realize that you’re stuck. It’s nothing personal.

One thought on “Blog History & Comments Policy

  1. I found your blog today (friended you on FB) but I really like your blog, and if you shut it down, do let me know where you end up. (Not a stalker, just a 62 year old mom of 4 with chemo induced heart issues, Parkinson’s and a host of other friends, including a parasaggital meningioma named “Paulie Walnuts” — Annie


Please feel free to comment. FYI: First time commenters automatically go into moderation. Don't take it personally. .

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