Nina – First day home, June 21, 2008 – 6 weeks oldNIna - Six Weeks Old

Nina sleeping in Sweetie’s arms – 6 weeks
Nina with Brad 

Nina and Buddy – 7 weeks
Nina and Buddy - 7 weeks

Daisy – June 21, 2008
Daisy - June 28, 2008

Nina and Buddy – 8 weeks
Nina and Buddy - June 28, 2008

nin & buddy 8 weeks

Ali and Nina – June 28th
Ali and Nina - June 28, 2008

Nina and Buddy – July 6, 2008 – 9 weeks
buddy and nina 9 weeks

Added January 3, 2008

Nina is grown!

Nina’s all grown up (and sniffing for goodies in Sweetie’s pocket)

Buddy and Daisy with my daughter

Buddy, Daisy and "Sissy"

Nina, bogarting the Nylabones

Nina, bogarting the Nylabones

10 thoughts on “Critters

  1. Springer/Cocker – also known as a “Sprocker.” I need to put up more pictures. She’s grown. Must be nearly 15 pounds by now! Still small enough to walk under Buddy and about as big as our cats!

  2. I’d love to see the sprocker puppy almost grown up now. Your dogs are obviously well loved and well cared for. So, I must ask: how do you keep your home so clean? I have two Australian Shepherds and there is no way I can keep hair-free floors and carpets. And, however do you keep your dogs so clean with so much land for them to roam? Am I beginning to sound jealous? Well, yes I am.

  3. Clean floors??? Me?

    Bwahahahahahahahaha!!! Fur is everywhere! And believe me, the pups get plenty dirty, but the backyard is nearly all grass. They aren’t allowed to roam the country-side.

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