Now THIS is voter disenfranchisement

I just found out about this yesterday when Reno Gazette Journal political reporter  Anjeanette Damon put out a request on Facebook to hear from east Sparks voters. It is an outrage that all voters but Republicans in my commission district are being shut out from electing our county commissioner. The law USED to be if there were only candidates from one party, the top two moved to the general election so ALL the voters could decide. As it stands now, the Republicans will determine two races in northern Nevada. This is wrong. We aren’t talking a party primary here. We are talking the general election.

This needs to be challenged!

Not a Republican? You can sit out this Washoe Commission race

I read the Nevada Democratic Delegate Selection Plan, so you don’t have to

Regarding Saturday’s county conventions and the shift in national delegates: No change has occurred to the number of national delegates who will be elected at the Congressional District level at the state convention in May. Per the 2016 Delegate Selection Plan, the 23 district level delegate ratios WERE determined on Feb 20th. The will of the caucus goers has not been overturned.

Nevada is a caucus/convention state. Accordingly, delegate and alternate positions shall be allocated so as to fairly reflect the expressed presidential preference or uncommitted status of the caucus participants in each district. Therefore, the national convention delegates elected at the district level shall be allocated in proportion to the percentage of the caucus vote won in that district by each preference, except that preferences falling below a 15% threshold shall not be awarded any delegates or alternates. (Rule 13.B)


District Delegates are allocated as follows: NV-01: 2 males, 3 females; NV-02: 3 males, 3 females; NV-03: 3 males, 3 females; NV-04: 3 males, 3 females for a total of 23 district-level delegates, who are elected by each district at separate break-out sessions.

At stake at yesterday’s county conventions were the national delegates who will be elected by the entire convention: the 7 At-Large and 5 Pledged PLEOs (Party Leaders and Elected Officials) – these are not the super-delegates. Again, from the Delegate Selection Plan:

The pledged PLEO slots shall be allocated among presidential preferences on the same basis as the at-large delegates.

[ . . .]

At-large delegate and alternate positions shall be allocated among presidential preferences according to division of preferences among convention participants, provided that no person participating shall automatically serve by virtue of holding a public or Party office. (Rule 10.C) (Rule 9.D & Reg. 4.18)

These are the only delegates affected by yesterday’s ratio swing in Clark County. At this point, Hillary Clinton still holds the pledged delegate count lead in Nevada 18-17. Hope this clears things up.

Happy Day!

Hillary wins Nevada!  In my precinct we went 2/3 for Hillary, 1/3 for Bernie.

Caucuses are challenging, and I’m happy to report that both Clinton and Sanders supporters  at our caucus site jumped in to help the Democratic Party volunteers to speed check-in and guide people to their caucus rooms. Yeah, that’s called being grown-up.  I took this selfie with the Bernie Precinct Captain in 6109 who was standing next to me guiding caucus goers. I regret I didn’t catch his name.


I’m doing a happy dance tonight! Now off to the victory party!

Hillary Rally in Reno!

rally-me2Today I had the honor of kicking off Hillary Clinton’s rally in Reno at Truckee Meadows Community College.  Here are my remarks as they were written (I riffed the delivery a bit). It was great getting the crowd fired up!

When I was asked speak to you today, I was at once thrilled and terrified. I want so much to honor Hillary Rodham Clinton and her life’s work, and to make sure you know why it is so important that all of us turn out to support her in the caucus on February 20th.

There is no one running to be the President of the United States who has the depth and breadth of knowledge to deal with the many challenges facing our country as Hillary Clinton. No one.

I know that when she is in the White House I won’t have to worry about national and world affairs. I know that she has the ability and the intelligence to handle what comes her way.

And I know that she is wicked smart. She is a doer. She is a problem solver. She doesn’t wring her hands and point fingers. She gathers the best minds she can, and works to find common ground and solutions that will benefit as many people as possible.

But there’s a reason why I’ve been volunteering for her since May, why I have made hundreds of phone calls, knocked on hundreds of doors, opened my home, and given up my weekends.

It all comes down to this:

I trust her to fight for us in the things that matter most for us. The kind of things that, indeed, keep us up at night.

I trust her to fight for women and children.

I trust her to fight for the right of women to make their own reproductive choices.

I trust her to fight for equal pay for equal work.

I trust her to fight to make college affordable for all.

I trust her to fight for universal health care.

I trust her to fight to end the stigma of mental illness.

I trust her to fight for veterans.

I trust her to fight for the Dreamers.

I trust her to fight to reform our criminal justice system.

I trust her to fight inequality in all its forms.

I trust her to fight for us, not because she says she will, but because she’s been doing it for decades.

I trust her to fight for us, because she IS a fighter.  No matter how much is thrown at her, she’s keeps standing, and faces it with grace and a smile.

For these reasons, and many more, I will be standing for her at my precinct caucus next Saturday.  If you want to see Hillary Rodham Clinton taking the oath of office next January 20th,

We need you to do two things: 

#1: CAUCUS: Get to your caucus on Saturday, February 20th.  Get your family and friends to caucus for Hillary too.

#2 VOLUNTEER: There are only 5 days until the caucus, and we need your help today to turn out Hillary’s supporters to the caucus. Volunteer to be a Precinct Captain. There is no more LATER. There is only NOW. And let’s make Hillary Rodham Clinton the 45th President of the United States. Let’s do this!

Why abstinence-only is winning: We are undone by our apathy

The Sin City Siren

Talk about AB230, the comprehensive sex education bill, was all over the TV yesterday! Even your humble Siren got in the mix as a guest, with my pal Annette Magnus, of Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada, on Ralston Reports. Likewise, Annette made appearances on Fox 5 in the morning as well as The Agenda.

Taking it to the airwaves!

And we need it more than ever! If you haven’t already, check out my re-cap of the hearing on AB230 on Monday, in which some truly horrifying behavior and testimony happened. And if you’re not totally outraged after that, take a gander at the opinions entered on the public record for AB230. No really. Let’s look at some.

Names are withheld on opinions submitted through the Legislature’s website, but here are some snippets from the opposition:

You are forcing the rights of parents and churches out of the raising…

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Cross-Post: How I Spent My Sunday

Cross-posted from The Neophyte Photographer (Originally posted on Monday, March 18, 2013)

Long-time followers know that I photographed the first ever Medical Outreach Response Event (MORE) last year as my final project for my lighting class.   They held the event again this past weekend and I volunteered to shoot the event. They already had a photographer for Saturday so I showed up yesterday.  Sunday wasn’t as busy as Saturday, but there was still plenty of need.   There are no medical services to speak of in our town. Many of these people are working poor, or disabled, and there are so many hurdles for them to jump over and so many cracks for them to fall through, that the problem feels insurmountable.

Here are just a few shots.

Attendees starting the process at intake.  The clients were screened here and directed to the various areas, depending on their need.

They might need dental work, vision care, help with obtaining affordable insurance or low-cost prescription assistance.  Or all of the above. There was also an immunization clinic to get people up-to-date on their shots, mental health screening, three dental vans, and the Mammovan was there to provide breast cancer screening.

 People shouldn’t have to get their health care in the middle of a high school gymnasium or get their teeth fixed in the parking lot. My country has its priorities all screwed up.

They shouldn’t have to wonder if there is something . . .  anything . . .  they can afford.

A young boy attempts to read the eye chart as the Lions Club volunteer looks on.

Immunization clinic.

She’s a bit nervous.

But she came through with flying colors.

More to come.