Cross-Post: How I Spent My Sunday

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Long-time followers know that I photographed the first ever Medical Outreach Response Event (MORE) last year as my final project for my lighting class.   They held the event again this past weekend and I volunteered to shoot the event. They already had a photographer for Saturday so I showed up yesterday.  Sunday wasn’t as busy as Saturday, but there was still plenty of need.   There are no medical services to speak of in our town. Many of these people are working poor, or disabled, and there are so many hurdles for them to jump over and so many cracks for them to fall through, that the problem feels insurmountable.

Here are just a few shots.

Attendees starting the process at intake.  The clients were screened here and directed to the various areas, depending on their need.

They might need dental work, vision care, help with obtaining affordable insurance or low-cost prescription assistance.  Or all of the above. There was also an immunization clinic to get people up-to-date on their shots, mental health screening, three dental vans, and the Mammovan was there to provide breast cancer screening.

 People shouldn’t have to get their health care in the middle of a high school gymnasium or get their teeth fixed in the parking lot. My country has its priorities all screwed up.

They shouldn’t have to wonder if there is something . . .  anything . . .  they can afford.

A young boy attempts to read the eye chart as the Lions Club volunteer looks on.

Immunization clinic.

She’s a bit nervous.

But she came through with flying colors.

More to come.

An idea whose time has come!

I was perusing the Bill Draft Requests over at the Nevada Legislature web site when I came upon this one that would make Lyon County’s Attorney General the ex officio Public Administrator (pdf).  I think it’s a great idea and hope it passes.

After all, we haven’t had the best track record electing them.

Press Release: First of Its Kind Event Happening in Nevada, April 13-14, 2012

I will be the official photographer of this event. I’m honored and excited.  From what I understand, dentists are still really needed. They’ve got open chairs and not enough dentists have stepped up (though 300 of them have been contacted).

A few of the photos I’ve already taken can be found here.

April 10, 2012

For Immediate Release

First of Its Kind Event Happening in Nevada, April 13-14, 2012

Medical Outreach Response Event (MORE) to Provide Rural Nevadans
with Healthcare Services

Lyon County, Nev—Over 600 people from Lyon, Storey and Mineral Counties will receive free health care services this weekend. Most people who have applied for services are employed but cannot afford the skyrocketing cost of insurance or healthcare services, especially dental care.


Who organized this event and why? The free health care event was initiated by the non-profit Healthy Communities Coalition of Lyon and Storey Counties, a group which includes over 100 local, state, federal and tribal agency partners and hundreds of community volunteers. The primary purpose of the Medical Outreach Response Event, or MORE, is to provide vision, mental health, dental, and preventive care for residents of this underserved three-county region.

When and Where: The event will be held at the Silver Stage High School, 3755 West Spruce Street, Silver Springs, Nevada, on Friday, April 13, from noon to 5pm and Saturday, April 14, from 9am to 5pm.

Who can get services and what are those services? For those who applied by March 23, medical screening, dental, mental health and/or vision services and medical insurance counseling will be provided. For Lyon, Storey, and Mineral residents who did not apply by March 23, free “walk-in” services including HIV tests with instant results, STD risk reduction counseling, and vaccinations for uninsured adults and children as well as access to a health information fair and educational clinics by the Carson Tahoe Wound Care Clinic, will be available.

Who is volunteering? MORE is made possible by the generous commitment of staff from dozens of Nevada health care, social service, nonprofit, and emergency preparedness agencies, as well as the work of hundreds of community volunteers and support from the Lyon County School District.

Long-term Impact: Organizers say this event will lead to long-term improvements since volunteers will help people identify and sign up for medical systems for which they qualify, such as veteran’s benefits, Access to Healthcare Network, reduced cost prescription drug plans, and affordable mental health care. Some vouchers for follow-up care, such as colonoscopies, mammograms, and dental exams will be available.

Christy McGill, Director of Healthy Communities Coalition: “People have been asking why we’re doing this. My answer is that volunteers from all over Nevada are working at this event because every member of our rural Nevada family deserves basic healthcare. We’re doing this because we can, because we should, because our neighbors and our families are valuable to this great state.”

Well, something’s got to give . . .

From the County Manager Report on the budget shortfall facing Lyon County, NV.

We have received correspondence, telephone calls and personal visits from our constituents asking that we not cut or eliminate services or raise taxes.

Sorry, but we can’t have it both ways.

We can’t keep vital services going and not raise revenue to pay for them. Everyone has got to be willing to pitch in a little extra to provide for those things that we can only provide collectively, or face the fact that this county is going to dry up and blow away.

“I like to pay taxes. With them I buy civilization.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

“Taxes, after all, are dues that we pay for the privileges of membership in an organized society.”  ~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Full report below the jump.

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Lyon, Storey and Mineral Counties: Health Care Event For the Under-Insured

Press Release:

Health Care Event For the Under-Insured

Coalition partners and volunteers are working together to host a free health care services outreach event for under-insured residents in the Lyon-Storey-Mineral region on Friday, April 13 and Saturday, April 14, 2012. The event, known as Medical Outreach Response Event or M.O.R.E., will bring over 100 groups together to offer primary care, dental care, and mental health care as well as referrals to those who have no insurance or are under-insured. Because our rural Nevada populations are not large enough to support for-profit or even non-profit models of traditional healthcare, many rural residents are missing preventative care and often using emergency rooms for their medical care.  This model is extremely expensive in both dollars and human suffering, and it is not a sustainable one.

At this two day event, professionals will

  1. Work together for lasting change by connecting patients to systems of care so they can access preventative care, treatment for chronic illnesses, and can prevent emergency medical care
  2. Create new partnerships between rural and urban healthcare providers that will benefit rural residents
  3. Recruit more medical volunteers from the area into the Medical Reserve Corps and
  4. Use this event as a practice for a major public health emergency.

Please help us support these clinics by volunteering for a day, or multiple days. We need MDs, RNs, EMTs, DDS/DMDs, OMSs, RDHs, DAs, Ophths, ODs, Opticians, Op Techs, behavioral health professionals, business and media sponsors, and general volunteers. To volunteer, please contact Christy McGill or Freida Carbery at Healthy Communities Coalition at (775) 230-4210 or 246-7550

More information:

You can find the application for the free medical, dental, and mental health care event for the Lyon, Storey and Mineral region, or MORE, on the home page of Lyon County School District.  We will also be distributing the forms through social services, food pantries, etc. over the next few weeks.

Follow this link to find the application:

Caucus (Updated)

I didn’t decide to do this until about a day or so ago.

I’ll be attending the Lyon County Democratic caucus later this morning.  Part of me is wondering why I am bothering, but since I didn’t go in 2010, AND this is the year that the DNC will issue a new platform (not that they’ll follow what will surely be a watered-down bowl of mush), I thought I’d add my two cents. I might add more than that, and in fact, that’s a pretty good bet.

Make no mistake, the only people who will be getting out in the wet weather and attending a Democratic caucus in a year where there is no contest for the nomination will be the hard-core Dems.  I’m going because I want to see what is on the mind of these people. Have they had it? Are they willing to rattle the cage? If I like what I hear, I might stick around.  If I hear the same old, we can’t rock the boat bullshit, I’ll be heading for the door.

This isn’t to say I’ll be neutral. In recent days I’ve also come to the conclusion that come November 2012, given the current field of candidates, I’m going to have to put on my big girl panties hold my nose and vote for Obama. I’ll not be leaving the top of the ticket blank this time.  Not that I think he’s any great prize (as regular readers will know), but he beats bat-shit crazy any day.

Just don’t ask me to canvass for him. That would be a bridge too far.

Update: Some photos from today

Oh please, please, please!

We’ve got to go to this hearing.  When we moved out here in 2001 we were told this road would be finished in 3-4 years. It would cut a huge amount of time (and money) off our daily commute. From my inbox:

NDOT To Host Meeting On USA Parkway Extension
By Karen Woodmansee

Virginia City News

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The long-awaited completion of USA Parkway from Interstate 80 to U.S. Highway 50 in Silver Springs will be the subject of a public hearing hosted by the Nevada Department of Transportation.

The meeting will begin at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 17 at the Silver Springs Community Center on Fort Churchill Road, Silver Springs.

There will be cards at the meeting for attendees to fill out if they want to speak.

Yvonne Murphy, lobbyist for Storey County, said she was excited and “hopefully we can get the state to complete the road.”

Storey County Economic Development Director Dean Haymore encouraged as many people to go to that meeting as possible.

“Go and fill out a card on why it is necessary to bring that road through,” he said.

He said the Lyon County Commission was supportive of the completion of USA Parkway, but had no funds to commit to the building or maintenance of it.

Haymore said right now the road is scheduled to go out to bid in 2016 and be finished the same year.

“We want to push that up, but we are going through their process,” he said.

Oh yes, let’s try and move this up. Please.